POWERPOINT: Mapping out a new business model for news


Mapping out a news business model for sustaining journalism is the subject of a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation delivered on Friday, Sept. 12, the third day of a centennial symposium for the Missouri School of Journalism (updated: Oct. 9, 2008). The bullet-point summary was presented by Bill Densmore, a University of Massachusetts researcher who is spending the 2008-2009 academic year at “Mizzou” as one of six Reynolds Journalism Institute fellows.


2 responses to “POWERPOINT: Mapping out a new business model for news

  1. Bill, that’s good.

    Food for thought: Possibly that could be linked with the “delivery” part, such as ISPs, phone and cable companies, satellite radio.

    But I realize that’s a trade-off. Consumers are more willing to pay for delivery, but it might make more potential for domination by one or more big players.

  2. Years ago we termed the idea of going to a few major providers giving them the opportunity to “hijack the userbase.” Ideally we want a pluraility of Information Valets” to maximize consumer choice and keep transaction fees down.

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