With ‘Numerati,’ BW staffer Stephen Baker understands IVP

Business Week senior writer Stephen Baker’s new book, The Numerati, sounds like a must-read for anyone trying to figure out how personal information will be brokered in the future. Baker was interviewed Sept. 29 on WHYY Philadelphia’s  Fresh Air. An excerpt of Baker speaking from the last two minutes of the 20-minute audio interview sounds like a pitch for the Information Valet Project:

“I think that there are great opportunities for entrepreneurs, and they are already looking at them, for them to develop tools so that we can monitor our own data and get a sense of who’s using it and to what end. So that we can protect it and give it to people that we trust with it, and we’re going to develop relationships with certain companies that we trust with the data and eventually we could sell our data. That is essentially what we are doing when we go into a supermarket and give them our customer loyalty card — we’re selling our data. We’re exchanging it for discounts. And we’ll be able to sell our data. There could be markets that open up where we decided how much of it we want to sell and at what price.”

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