AUDIO: Two conversations about the InfoValet Project

December 06, 2008

AUDIO: What was accomplished at IVP-Blueprint summit?

Information Valet Project researcher Bill Densmore speaks by phone with Stony Brook University student Lisa Voltaire about the IVP-Blueprint summit Dec. 3-5. Densmore describes the IVP system and the state of technology which could drive it. Click on the headline “What was accomplished at IVP-Blueprint,” to launch streaming audio,  or download an MP3 podcast for offline listening.  (10 minutes, 4 seconds; 2.42 MB) 

November 25, 2008

AUDIO: Explaining the infovalet to a Stonybrook student journalist

What’s the idea behind the Information Valet Project? Project director Bill Densmore recorded this discussion with sophomore journalism major Eric Luu of Stonybrook University on Nov. 25, 2008. The 14-minute dialogue begins with Densmore talking about the demographic, advertising and commerce components of IVP, and ends with Luu and Densmore sharing thoughts about whether users are willing to pay for journalism.  Click on the headline, “Explaining the infovalet . . . ” above, or download an MP3 podcast for offline listening (15.0 minutes; 3.6MB) :


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