Thursday AM: Presentations and Breakouts

This morning we met at RJI and heard a number of short presentations by speakers on what their companies are doing to address the challenges to and opportunities for interactive media. I’ll try to provide links here rather than attempt to summarize.  —ES

-Greg Schermer, vp-interactive at Lee Enterprises: How newspapers can preserve growth through an online “social enablement” mission
Tom Evslin (via Skype) — The value of networks, large and small
-Steve Mott, BetterBuyDesign: Online payment platforms
Lillie Coney, EPIC: surveying the status of privacy regulation and policy in Washington
Doc Searls, Berkman/Harvard — (via Skype) IVP and the Intention Economy

Following the presentations, three breakout discussion groups were formed; each will discuss how their topic could factor in to the Information Valet Project; reconvene and summarize after lunch.

1) Business Models/Legal/Marketing

2) Content/Syndication

3) Advertising/Privacy/Demographics/ID


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