Friday AM: Conference Wrap-Up

Click to view photos of Blueprint summit

Click to view photos of Blueprint summit

Friday morning the group was back at RJI to synthesize its ideas and advice for the IVP. Elizabeth Osder recommended brainstorming six user personas and writing a use case for how each would use and benefit from such a system. Jeff VanderClute urged thinking about immediate “tactical maneuvers” and business models, and Steve Mott created a chart on building the IV service with existing components (Information Card, Clickshare, etc.) to answer the question of “what is it we would be build if we could and what would we do if we could build it. 

Continuing a discussion from the previous night about an IVP development plan, the issue of content was hashed out, with questions that included what types of content would be involved, how it would be priced, how it would be filtered, and the role of journalism. As far as privacy, questions included what the rules would be for exchanging and repurposing of information, as well as how transparency could be stressed. With regard to the business model, participants noted that the size of the network involved would be the biggest factor in determining the IV’s value; they also had questions about vendor relationship management versus customer relationship management and how to start the IV in a simple way right now.

Before the conference adjourned, a number of participants offered closing advice for the IVP.

Among the suggestions:

  • Focus on “convenient and secure”—the marketing should go in that direction.
  • Is it too much of a stretch to combine the goal of privacy with that of providing quality journalism?
    <li.Assume the technology is going to be there; focus on how to get the early adopters and find a way to make it fun for consumers.

  • Most revenue will come from advertising or commercial content creators; they need to be in the room.
  • It’s an uncomfortable marriage in some ways: giving up information for marketing purposes in exchange for media content would change the relationship with the reader, which might be a sale job to some news organizations.
  • How to create/preserve a “civic space” such as the one maintained by journalism. 

    Also mentioned: Video: EPIC 2014

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