Thursday PM: Defining the IVP

After lunch, the conference participants met up again at RJI to hash out a working definition of the Information Valet—formulating a “simple proposition” that a consumer would buy into. What I think we ended up with was this:

Information Valet = A permission-based ecosystem assuring privacy that allows you, in a trustworthy way, to share personal information so that content providers and partners can create a structure to provide you with content, applications and incentives tailored to you and your needs.

(See also: other versions of the definition discussed at the afternoon session)

To make the concept more concrete, the discussion that followed centered around existing (or now-defunct) web companies that provide at least one of those technologies, though not in an integrated platform such as the one envisioned by the Information Valet Project. These companies included OpenID, Google Checkout, PayPal, Clickshare, and eRewards.

Charles Andres of the Information Card Foundation gave a presentation on the Information Card, which would enable people to prove who they actually are on the Internet. (See this video.) It was agreed that the IV should be able to establish a “trusted identity relationship” with its customers.

Also discussed Thursday: Blueprint “Next Step” Task Areas


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