Mark Anderson’s “concierge” — is this a role for America’s news organizations?

Mark Anderson of Strategic News Service ( gives this scenario in a Dec. 29, 2008 interview with the BBC’s Peter Day. It was part of
an interview on technology predictions for 2009. Why can’t the nation’s news organizations learn how to play this “concierge” role?

This quote start at 17 mins., 45 seconds into the interview on this MP3 (DOWNLOAD MP3).

“The function here is pretty interesting. It is not such much that the technology has changed, although voice recognition is an important part of this. It’s that people will be integrating services for you personally. Instead of you just buying one at a time. Today on your Apple iPhone one app tells you where is the Italian restaurant nearest to me. Another tells me, ‘Where am I?’ Another app can tell you how to rent a car. And so on.

“But what I think’s going to happen now, is there is going to be an assistant — let’s call him an assistant — who knows who you are, a lot about you. Knows profiles of your use. So let’s say Peter you fly to New York and you might fly in three ways. You might come in a business visit, a personal visit or a family visit . . . so you tell your assistant, ‘I’m going to New York on he following day and I’m going to be there for four days and this is a business visit. And that’s all you have to say. And the concierge service here will notice that, they know what . . . that means Hertz not National rental, that means this hotel not that hotel, I know his requent flyer numbers, I’ll make the airline reservations, I’ll also use that for the hotel, I know that Peter is an opera fan, I’ll get tickets for the opera and so on . . . this is a machine . . . integrated personalized services.”

SOURCE: Mark Anderson of Strategic News Service, interviewed on BBC’s Global Business
with Peter Day of Peter Day’s World of Business.


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