Staying Alive Part II

More highlights from the panel on sustaining journalism.

  • Kachingle’s Cynthia Typaldos says advertising has failed journalism and Journalism Online’s Merrill Brown doesn’t agree. Brown says  strengthening advertising is crucial.
  • “If you’ve got great content, people will be going to their site. Llet the tweeters tweet,” Typaldos says. “You can have the best of both worlds.”  

Here are some highlights from the  Q&A session.

  • Huffington Post columnist Steve Blunt asks Walter  Issacson and fellow panelists to consider a face lift for content, and not just technology
  • Allan Hoving of asks, what is the model? “I think different models will work differently, the great thing about the Internet is we have dozens of models…We should celebrate the diversity of choice we give for content providers and for users too,” Issacson says, noting that there’s tons of room for bundling, licensing and other potential experiments
  • Brown and Typaldos both agree that overall simple is better than complicated when it comes to content or business models. “You can not make it complicated, it needs to be no thinking…” Typaldos says.
  • That said, Brown suggests that Gen Y, those under 30, still care and are voracious consumers of information. They just buy and consume it differently.  “We obvciously have a reinvention to do about price points,” Brown notes. 

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