Take a moment to reflect about putting your content in the cloud — is ITA an answer?

We got an email today from a very senior retired banking-industry who has generously advised us on the Information Trust Association idea. He has been following the Wikileaks story, including the news that Amazon.com tossed Wikileaks off their “cloud” servers because the Amazon TOS forbids a site to host content they don’t own. Amazon isn’t talking, but the implication is that Wikileaks doesn’t “own” the diplomatic cables it has been publishing. Our friend points to a new feature in today’s Seattle Times, called “Techies,” by Brier Dudley. Here’s the LINK.

He takes note of the last paragraph of Dudley’s dispatch, which reads: “edia companies are rushing to publish their news through networks run by Amazon, Apple and other Web companies. Raves to those companies if the WikiLeaks debacle reminds the free press to pause, read the terms of service and decide whether it’s really a bargain to outsource distribution to the touchy Web giants.” Writes my friend: “How do you suppose WSJ or NYT will feel if they somehow get sideways with Apple and Apple pulls a story? With the ITA built network the free press controls its own destiny and is beholden to no one. See: http://www.newshare.com/ita/whitepaper.pdf

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