LINK: Soros’ Open Society paper asserts privacy is the dominant issue for online media industry

Miguel Castro, the London-based head of the Media & Society Program at the Open Society institutes, writes that the George Soros-based NGO has published today “a paper on the origins, evolution, and impact on privacy of advertising.” He continues: “Over the past decade and a half, advertising has become a fundamental element of the internet’s economy, the paper does not touch on the ‘consumerism’ issue, a discussion beyond media and the Internet, but argues that privacy has become a central topic for industry and policy discussions.”


ays Castro: “Advertising fuels most prominent services and platforms, including search engines, social networks, and news sites. In all its forms relies on data about users and the paper examines the privacy-related issues that any serious policy in this area needs to address. It foresees that online advertising will be shaped by the struggle between proponents of government regulation on the one hand, and of self-regulation on the other.”

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