Key points about launching the Information Trust Exchange for publishers

 Core benefits for publishers

  • Source of deep user profile information
  • Standardized, shareable, with user permission
  • Take back control of customer information (from platforms)
  • Use it to build ‘network effect’ of sharing with fellow publishers

Why now?

  • One to many doesn’t work any more except at huge scale (Google, FB)
  • Even tech platforms don’t show the same thing to everyone
  • We have moved From Paper to Persona – a one-to-one world
  • Without user profile and interest data (“personas”), you are out of the money

What’s the end-user benefit?

  • Personalization that travels across a network of trusted content
  • A “one pass” for information; one account, one bill, one ID
  • Control over how personal info is used
  • Choice of service providers (“presenters”)

What’s needed now?

  • Federated authentication (single signon) for news
  • Personalization technology for content / lifestyle interests
  • A “viral growth” strategy   (share “personas”)
  • An “everybody wins” structure (nonprofit oversees)
  • Member grants for nonprofit; capital for development of for-profit services

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