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AUDIO: Bill Densmore interviewed on KTRS St. Louis about IVP

Can news organizations figure out a way to increase the value they receive for journalism on the World Wide Web? McGraw Milhaven, talkmaster on KTRS Radio in St. Louis, interviews Bill Densmore of the Information Valet Project. Densmore is a 2008-2009 Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Mo. Listen to a 25-minute excerpt, followed by three minutes of Milhaven talking with a caller.   JUMP PAGE TO AUDIO STREAM (28.37 mins., 6.87 MB downoad.)

AUDIO: Explaining the InfoValet — in 15 minutes

What is the Information Valet Project? In this 15-minute audio podcast, IVP researcher Bill Densmore of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute of the Missouri School of Journalism explains. This talk was recorded Oct. 10, 2008, at Univ. of South Carolina’s Convergence and Society annual presentation of academic papers, subtitled: “The Participatory Web.”

Click on the carat on the left of the bar below to listen to streaming audio, or download an MP3 podcast for offline listening  (14 min., 55 seconds / 14.32MB)