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Rewarding users for their attention: One IVP objective?

Business strategist Tom Malone and ABCNews.com columnist Michael S. Malone co-authored a piece on the Nov. 29 op/ed page of the Wall Street Journal, “Marketing in the World of the Web.” They assert there are five “Marketing 3.0” concepts that are upending the business of advertising and customer service. They are: From loyalty to attention, from crowds to clouds, from places to spaces, from memes to bemes and from silos to simultaneity. All five are food for discussion during “Blueprint.” The most relevant may be “from loyalty to attention.”

“Before you can win consumer loyalty, you have to capture and reward consumer attention,” the authors write, adding: “The shrewd brands will create elaborate attention rewards programs, and incentives that break through the noise and make that critical initial connection.”

So an important objective of the Information Valet Service may be to provide a platform for advertisers and publishers of sponsored content to be able to reward an individual consumer for their attention.