Here are some of the video and audio resources which will help you understand the ideas behind the Information Valet Project:

    • ONE-MINUTE VIDEO — In September, 2008, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism recorded this one-minute promotional video in which 2008-2009 fellow Bill Densmore frames the challenge for the news industry.
    • FLASH ANIMATION — The InfoValet Service will link consumers with their most-trust “information valet,” with content and service providers, and with an authentication and logging service which temporarily stores some information. This Flash video describes the relationships.
    • NINE-MINUTE VIDEO — creator and web researcher David Cohn grabbed a nine-minute interview with Bill Densmore on Nov. 9, 2008, in which Densmore describes both the Information Valet Service and what was then an upcoming “Blueprinting the Information Valet,” summit. WATCH THE VIDEO.
    • “BLUEPRINT” VIDEOS/AUDIO — On Dec. 3-5, 2008, some 60 people convened at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo., to “Blueprint the Information Valet Economy.” Most of the sessions were videotaped and are available for streaming. This jump page  provides descriptions and a launching pad for the videos, as well as a link to some critical audio excerpts.
    • AUDIO: A 15-minute explainer: What is the Information Valet Project? In this 15-minute audio podcast, IVP researcher Bill Densmore of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute of the Missouri School of Journalism explains.  This talk was recorded Oct. 10, 2008, at Univ. of South Carolina’s Convergence and Society annual presentation of academic papers, subtitled: “The Participatory Web.” In the talk, Densmore briefly describes the Reynolds Institute, his background, the problem solved by “InfoValet,” and how it will be launched.  Click on the carat to the left of the bar below to stream audio, or download an MP3 podcast for offline listening. (14:55 mins./14.3MB) . The talk rougly follows the slides in this slide show.
  • AUDIO — What was accomplished at “Blueprint”? On Dec. 6, 2008, Information Valet Project researcher Bill Densmore speaks by phone with Stony Brook University student Lisa Voltaire about the IVP-Blueprint summit Dec. 3-5. Densmore describes the IVP system and the state of technology which could drive it. Download an MP3 podcast for offline listening.  (10 minutes, 4 seconds; 2.42 MB)
  • AUDIO: What’s the idea behind the Information Valet Project? Project director Bill Densmore recorded this discussion with sophomore journalism major Eric Luu of Stonybrook University on Nov. 25, 2008. The 14-minute dialogue begins with Densmore talking about the demographic, advertising and commerce components of IVP, and ends with Luu and Densmore sharing thoughts about whether users are willing to pay for journalism.  Click on the headline, “Explaining the infovalet . . . ” above, or download an MP3 podcast for offline listening (15.0 minutes; 3.6MB).


In 2009, graduating students at the Missouri School of Journalism undertook a project to imagine the marketing of an Information Valet service. They produced a detailed pitch and collateral materials and conducted three focus-group interviews with potential users in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Columbia, Mo. These three videos were produced at the conclusion of that capstone-class effort:

*InfoValet: Marketing plan and quick overview (2:20 mins.):<br>

*InfoValet: Q&A with student marketing strategists (15:25 mins.)<br>

*InfoValet: A 15-minute marketing presentation<br>

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