Interviewees for “Persona to Payment” who expressed willingness to consider participating in Information Trust Exchange steering committee

By Bill Densmore

When interviewed for the report, “From Persona to Payment” during  2014, the following 33 individuals expressed willingness to consider participating as founding steering-committee for envisioning and planning the Information Trust Exchange.  All affiliations are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement of the Information Trust Exchange by the entities cited. 

Alphabetical order

  • Abernathy, Penelope Muse, Knight Chair Digital Media Economics, University of North Carolina.
  • Anderson, Bill, retired CTO, Seattle SeaFirst Bank (Bank of America)
  • Blevins, Ron, vp, Digital Strategy Novus Media division of Omnicom
  • Calhoun, Kristin, Executive Director, The Public Media Platform (NPR-PBS)
  • Chua, Reginald, Executive Editor, Editorial Operations, Thomson Reuters
  • Contreras, Mark, Calkins Media CEO, ex-American Press Institute chairman
  • Costello, Dave, technology committee chair, PAGE Co-Operative
  • Cotter, Dan, former Executive Director, New England Newspaper & Press Association
  • Davis, Kevin, Executive Director, Investigative News Network
  • Eskelsen, Todd, attorney, legal strategist for organization of Bluetooth SIG
  • Filloux, Federic, Monday Note columnist and digital-operations director, Group Les Echos, Paris
  • Fuerst, Mark, Innovation4Media (public broadcasting consultant)
  • Gehring, Dave, global alliances/partnerships, The Guardian, U.K.,   Silicon Valley
  • Getzendanner, Joel, Board Member, Fourth Sector Network, Olympia, Wash.
  • Hamilton, Jay, Stanford University journalism program, author: “All the News That’s Fit to Sell”
  • Houston, Brant, Knight Chair in Investigative and Enterprise Reporting, Univ. of Illinois U-C
  • Kaiser, Jo Ellen, Executive Director, The Media Alliance
  • Kaiser, Marty, Executive Editor (retired), Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • LaCroix, Patrick, Founder/Director, MediaID-Belgium
  • Miller, Linda Fantin, Director, Public Insight Network, American Public Media / MPR
  • Mulligan, Miranda, Creative  Director, NG Digital at the National Geographic Society
  • Nicol, David, Director, Information Trust Institute at Univ. of Ill.
  • Peters, Chuck, CEO, Source Media / The Gazette Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Picard, Robert, Research Director, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford Univ.
  • Raine, Lee, Director of Internet, Science and Technology Research, Pew Research Center
  • Reed, Drummond, Founder & CTO, Respect Network; founder, co-founder OpenID Foundation
  • Schubart, Bill, Founder, Vermont Journalism Trust; retired publishing & fulfillment entrepreneur
  • Seltzer, Wendy, Policy Counsel / tech/society domain lead, World Wide Web Consortium at MIT
  • Shackleford, Tiffany, Executive Director, Association of Alternative NewsMedia
  • Small, Jay, President, Informed Interactive division of Evening Post Industries
  • Stearns, Josh, Journalism Public Media Campaign Director, G.R. Dodge Foundation
  • Taysom, John, private media-tech investor, former head of Reuters Venture Fund
  • Trevethick, Paul, founder Bitsteam, Higgins Project and Azigo, Inc.

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